Seed packets

We invite you to get familiarised with our offer of paper seed packets for seeds of flowers, vegetables and other plants. The high quality of our goods made them set the standards for markets in the whole Europe.

We produce the following types of seed packets:
• classic, paper seed packets
• hermetic seed packets with polyethylene surface

Why are our seed packets the best?
It is because of:
– diverse formats adjusted to individual needs,
– original and unique design, always,
– wonderful photos from our gallery,
– full range of paper used, namely label paper, coated paper, polyethylene coated paper for hermetically-sealed packaging,
– wide range of the basis weight of paper we use (100gsm to130gsm),
– UV varnishing technology e.g. spot varnishing, whole varnishing or various hybrid varnishing,
– our own technology, namely high-gloss dispersion varnishing called ”EKO” varnishing.

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