• How to prepare files?
    • Before working on the production file is started, it is advisable to contact TEK in order to consult the shape of a given product. Then, depending on the type of the product, we either send you the die/punch or the technical drawing on the basis of which the project should be prepared.

      Basic technical information:
      – bleeds (borders without print) should have 4 mm with regards to seed-packets and 3 mm with regards to labels/etiquettes (smaller bleeds can be achieved after consultation with our production department each time for individual projects)
      – safe distance in the case of labels/etiquettes from the die/punch, hole (for elements like logos, text etc.) is 3 mm
      – safe distance in the case of seed-packets from the cutting line, creasing, euro hole 4 mm
      – design in alignment on the postscript side (in the case of a label, gross format)
      – additional colours described in Pantone
      – gross format as usage format (no cutting lines, marks or printing signs)
      – fonts changed to curves (and/or attached in the case when TEK’s studio interference is necessary)
      – each design should have proof print-out attached on the TEK-stand.icc profile
      – bitmaps in CMYK spectrum in 300 DPI resolution
      – files formatted in MAC/PC system
      – possible hole in labels/etiquettes should be placed min. 5 mm from die/punch edge
      – possible euro-hole in seed-packets
      – small seed-packets (8×15 cm) – 4 mm from the bending
      – large seed-packets (10×15 cm and 11.5×16.5 cm) – 7.5 from the bending
      – minimal size of text, the degree/level/size of capital letter in one colour is respectively:
      – for a one-element cut – 6 pt.
      – for a two-element cut – 6 pt.
      if more than one colour or in reverse colours:
      – for a one-element cut – 8 pt.
      – for a two-element cut – 8 pt.
      – minimal/accepted thickness of lines:
      – for printing in one colour – 0.5 pt.
      – for printing in more than one colour or in reverse colours – 1 pt.

  • Are there any other requirements when I provide TEK with my materials?
    • In the case of providing TEK with materials prepared by the clients it is required to have a written consent/permission from the client to process the materials if:

      – material originated from third parties/other sources (fro example from competition)
      – photos used are the property of the client or originate from other sources
      – TEK graphic designer is to copy/map the required design

      Files/materials received from the client should be clearly named and marked.

      If you have any additional question, do not hesitate to contact us (tel. +48 22 752 92 68).

  • In what format should I send production files to TEK?
    • We accept both closed/final files (with no possibility of editing them) and open/non-final files:

      – PDF format files (composite) in high resolution (Print Quality) with additional colours and mask for spot varnishing and die/punch as separately overprinted (overprint), additional colours in the same file.
      – PS composite files or separation files with fonts attached
      – open/non-final files:
      Illustrator EPS files,
      hyperlinked Ai files to version CS5,
      QuarkXPress files with attached elements and fonts to version 8,
      InDesign files with attached elements and fonts to version CS5,
      Tiff files in 300 DPI.

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