Printing house

Printing department in our company is one of the best examples of the development and improvement of our business.

Our printing department is one of the best example of the development and perfection of our business activities. It was created as a response to the need of constant supervision and audit of the quality of our products. While equipping our printing house, we counted on the leading manufacturer of printing machines, namely Heidelberg. Now we can take pride in our printing house and one of the most modern technological solutions.

In our company, the whole printing process (from design to actual printing) is well configured. It is calibrated according to the ISO 12647-2 European printing standards.
We own the CTP imagesetting/exposure room equipped with Heidelberg software and machines. Thus, we can provide printing which is ideally compliant with their designs.
Our printing house is capable of producing B2 format printing on Heidelberg SM 74 and Heidelberg CD 74 machines. They allow us to fulfil contracts in the area of conventional and UV printing but also, most importantly in the field of printing on plastic surfaces.
The combination of experience of our staff and reliable equipment bring outstanding effects in the form of great printing materials, whose offer is constantly broadened.

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