From seed to fruit. The history of TEK

From seed to fruit. The history of TEK

Our printing house started operating in 1992. We started with the aim of producing high-quality packaging for seeds of flowers and vegetables. The beginning was very modest as we provided services for several clients from the domestic market. Yet, it was not long before there was a reaction from a wider circle of customers. The quality of our services and products was highly appreciated on the market. Thus, our share of the market grew significantly in a short period time.

Success, however did not spoil us. On the contrary, it activated us and stimulated yet more intense efforts so that we could present more and more attractive offer which was competitive with regards to both price and quality.

After several years, our experience and involvement allowed us to reach a stable and strong position on the domestic market. Dynamic development and politically-economic changes gave us new strength, thanks to which we were able to successfully emerge on the eastern and western markets of Europe. Consequently, it allowed us to enlarge our printing house, modernise technologies we use, and improve production processes. To cut the long story short, we firmly spread our wings.

Because we set ourselves a goal of constant development, we introduced an integrated system for printing house enterprises called “Printmanager” into TEK. This solution improved the process of customer service, even more.

Following the growth of interest in TEK on European markets, we started our new branches. In the beginning, we started a branch of TEK in Ukraine and Russian Federation and then we opened an office on Germany. We managed to change and develop from a small manufacturer into a truly European company. The company which is professional and reliable, which provides its clients with top-quality service. We are very dynamic and we work with flourish; it is proven by the way we boldly enter new markets and by the fact that our technical department deals with constructing many complicated machines indispensable for producing unique packaging for the horticultural market. The latest event in this filed is the creation of, based on the designs of the Paulzen company, a brand new and unique seed-packet-producing machine Paulzen-TEK-QQA.

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