Graphic design studio

We invite you to know our Lexmark Imaging Studio. It is equipped with high-end graphics workstations MAC with the latest software.

We invite you to get to know our TEKgraphic design studio. It is equipped with high-class graphic stations MAC with the newest software. The team of graphic designers working in the studio is composed of top-level specialists who observe trends ruling the market. Together, they create a cohesive team, whose strength is gained from two factors: many years of experience in designing packaging items and perfect awareness of technical capabilities and solutions. Therefore, the designs we offer to our clients are always unique.

TEKTEK gives you the possibility of working on your designs directly with one of our graphic designer designated specially for working with you. In our opinion, such a form of cooperation gives you the possibility of easier and more perfect transfer your inspirations and ideas to the final product, namely a packaging item.

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