The TEK Company is one of the few entities on the market that can boast their own gallery of plant photographs.

The idea for the gallery of photographs is inherent to our goal – meeting all the requirements our customers may have. We believe that the photographs that we offer will make the packagings offered by us even more attractive, converting our customers’ products packed in them into small pieces of art. Our gallery has approx. 78,000 photographs and it grows with each passing month. Our photographers travel across Europe, looking for new varieties, ideas, and inspirations.

Tomasz Jagiełło

Our talented photograph graduated from SSGW – Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture. He has been working as a photographer for the past 7 years – he specialises in photography for advertising purposes and in photographing nature. He has been cooperating with TEK since 2010. Next to photography, he has a passion for growing decorative plants and for ornithology.

Łukasz Borys

He has been working as a photographer for 8 years. He has gained experience in the United Kingdom, as he ran his own business in London for 3 years. Photography is his great passion and his idea for life. He graduated from the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw and the WSH University of Business in Wrocław. He specialises mainly in photography for advertising, fashion industry, nature, product, culinary, and event photography. He loves climbing mountains and being close to nature. He has been working with TEK since 2017.

Włodzimierz Kurnatowski

He was a photographer for over 40 years, and for over 30 – he focused on photographing crops. He worked for TEK ever since the establishment of the company, up until 2015. He also dealt with non-commercial photography of nature, architecture, portrait, and still life. As he said, photographing plans for TEK was his main passion. Which was also why he tried to achieve perfection in them. His work laid the foundations for the creation of our photo gallery.

Włodek died in 2018. He will always be remembered.

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